IPKeys completes 100th Municipal and Public Safety network implementation

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Eatontown, NJ – February 21, 2018 – IPKeys Technologies today announced that it has completed its 100th network implementation for Public Safety and municipal customers in North America. IPKeys is proud to pass a major milestone that is marked by years of confidence from its customers. IPKeys network services provides a proven process approach for integrating advanced networking solutions that include the design, staging, integration, testing, and implementation that feature fast convergence, high availability, expandability, and Quality of Service (QoS).

IPKeys’ major milestone comes at a time when its clients are under technical and financial burdens. Technology is advancing and budgets are under pressure. Clients need networking solutions that enable them to migrate from older technology that has become obsolete and not supportable to advanced technology that is cost-efficient and future-proof.

“The delivery of the 100th network reinforces our position as a trusted partner in providing networking solutions to Public Safety and Municipal customers in North America. We will continue to lead the migration and implementation of advanced networking solutions to enable our customers to optimize the mix of funding and technology.”

~ Robert Nawy, CEO

According to market research, the State and Local government IT market has a renewed focus on modernization and innovation that includes significantly growing budgets. This underlines that there is a strong demand for digital innovation in emerging technologies to drive adoption of advanced functionality by users of the networks.

Delivering Public Safety Enterprise Networks and Engineering Services that includes hardware and software, IPKeys solutions ensure seamless installation, integration, optimization, and migration to advanced technologies. IPKeys’ enables clients to leverage existing assets while future-proofing their networks by integrating advanced new technologies and the Public Safety solutions are diligently delivered to satisfy the customer requirements within the constraints of their timeline and budget. IPKeys approach and processes have been delivering Public Safety solutions to our customers since 2005 across a wide spectrum of requirements and have particular expertise in mixed fiber and microwave for the enterprise as well as NG911, CAD, PSAP, LMR and LTE networks.

About IPKeys Technologies

IPKeys Technologies is a strategic partner to the Department of Defense and other Federal Government Agencies, and the Public Safety, Commercial, and Energy sectors. We specialize in highly-secure technology integration services, advanced communications network engineering, cloud and data center engineering, and innovative energy smart grid engineering. We help our customers solve global dynamic challenges, manage their costs, streamline processes, and satisfy their technology needs with outstanding technical expertise, deeply experienced teams, and leading-edge solutions.

For additional information regarding IPKeys, please contact Robert Nawy at 732-389-3117 or email to rnawy@ipkeys.com.