IPKeys Technologies’ Developed I-GAME Elevates Military Modeling and Simulation

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IPKeys announced today that they have been awarded a multi-year contract in support of the ongoing and ever important Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) initiative. This follows a period of testing and requirements definition which have matured Immersive-Gaming and Modeling Environments (I-GAME). The goal of these efforts is to elevate and expand the Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Modeling and Simulation program available to a wide array of customers whose technology needs exceed the current and projected marketplace of “of-the-shelf” product base. IPKeys has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 from ARA to produce state of the art 3D training simulations for the Warfighter, with the intent to train and teach in regards to Counter-IEDs. However the platform has been built to not only support the C-IED community but also provides a plug-in approach which also serves the mission planner with sophisticated AI and a multitude of games assets which will provide an accurate environment for the Warfighter. These products create the most cutting edge imagery in the field and combined with IPKeys’ use of highly accurate satellite data and physics-based properties, IPKeys and the customers can now create the most realistic maps, locales, conditions, materials and machinery to match exactly what the Warfighter sees, uses and knows. “What we’re trying to do is create an environment where you can challenge each other, enjoy and rely on what you are creating and operating, and still get better in a real world environment because you are going through a process of learning,” said Kirk Hymes, the director for modeling and simulation applications and U.S. Marine Corps Programs at IPKeys. Mark Pappas, President of IPKeys added,, “We are extremely proud to offer the battle planner and Warfighter, tactical or strategically based, with premier tools from the best sources, Government and commercial alike. Specifically, those Warfighters deployed who need reliable and trusted data can now use a lightweight platform to keep them out of harm’s way and allow for them to reach their objectives with the Situational Awareness (SA) they deserve.”

IPKeys Technologies’ flagship title I-GAME (IED Gaming and Modeling Environment) is currently being developed using the Unreal Engine. These realistic simulations allow for equipment usage training, rapid authoring of interactive 3-D scenarios, and offer the user the choice of creating custom, on-the-fly scenarios, or having the computer generate random scenarios. The modeling and simulation technology used by IPKeys produces state-of-the-art training capabilities for military applications in exercise control (EXCON), instrumentation and range communication infrastructures, reducing cost and time required for live simulations, open air testing and deployments. Our state of the art simulations create life saving mission preparation and information retention that maximizes limited training time and lowers costs.

About Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Gaming and Modeling Environment (I-GAME)

The Game Engineering & Real-time Simulation (GEARS) team at IPKeys Technologies is delivering the next generation of serious interactive gaming solutions to customers across commercial, government, academic, and entertainment sectors. IPKeys leverages the best of breed technology to create realistic, custom solutions for your organization and your target audience. From emergency preparedness to combat readiness to Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection & training to enterprise network security; our goal is to train and save the lives of the Warfighter.

About IPKeys Technologies

IPKeys, an SBA Certified 8(a) and women owned company, is an emerging strategic partner in the DoD Federal, Commercial and Energy sectors, delivering expertise in the definition, development, integration, and deployment of Internet Protocol (“IP”) technology and communications systems. IPKeys expertise includes Network and Telecommunications Engineering; Systems Engineering and Integration; Cyber Security; Systems Acquisition, Production and Fielding; Modeling and Simulation; and Energy/Smart Grid Engineering Services.

Incorporated in March 2005, IPKeys is headquartered in New Jersey and has locations in California, Maryland, and Virginia. IPKeys’ mission is to assist the customer in integrating the highest mission-appropriate level of secure information and communications systems. We enable users to efficiently access, communicate, integrate and apply data solutions to support their mission objectives. IPKeys provides mission relevant solutions grounded in our in‐depth knowledge of current force systems, emerging technologies, present and developing standards, and Future Force infrastructure requirements. Our expert staff possess in‐depth experience and knowledge with DoD enterprise systems and frameworks, strategic and tactical Warfighter communities, architectures, cutting-edge information, and security management technologies. We leverage this expertise and our corporate experience in the delivery of value added enterprise information technology and information security solutions to the federal government.

IPKeys Power Partners, LLC is a leading provider of Demand Response resources across the United States. We enable our customers to participate in a range of programs including Capacity, Reserves and Energy. Our DR solutions include advanced metering with web-based reporting tools for all our customers. IPKeys Power Partners provides engineering audits, automation, and controls for customers who want to automate their demand response.

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