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Maryland Department of IT: Consulting and Technical Services+ (MD CATS+)

Contract Number: 060B2490023-2016
The Maryland Department of IT: Consulting and Technical Services+ (MD CATS+) contract enables the State of Maryland government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. MD CATS+ provides the state a flexible means of obtaining information technology (IT) resources quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively through the issuance of Task Order Requests for Proposals (TORFP) or Requests for Resumes (RFR) specific to its needs.

About MD CATS+

Maryland Department of IT: Consulting and Technical Services+

IPKeys Technologies is a prime contract holder of the State of Maryland Department of IT CATS+ Contract.

The MD CATS+ contract duration is 15 years (April 22, 2013 through April 21, 2028) and the scope of the contract includes multiple IT functional areas. IPKeys Technologies has been selected to fulfill services in the following functional areas:

Services to ensure that information systems are designed to capitalize on agency architectures and State IT standards, provide interoperability with other systems and networks, be reliable and maintainable, and make the most cost-effective use of COTS technology and agency-wide and government-wide resources
A broad range of business solutions and support using the capabilities of the web and Internet; design, develop, test, implement and maintain web sites, portals, web applications and web services and the associated hardware, software, network and security components that comprise these solutions.
Service to integrate, store, edit, analyze, and display geographically-referenced information in a client/server or web-based environment.
Service to provide full life cycle of a software system development. Process definition; requirements management (project planning, quality assurance, project tracking and oversight, organizational process focus); software metrics; software process assessments; software capability evaluations; software project management; software certification; software validation and verification; open systems; software architecture; software reengineering; software reuse; component based software; software security; supervising software configuration management; and CASE tools.
Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance services include: Data Center Technical Support/Operations, and Help Desk. At the State’s discretion, these services may be required to be provided externally to the requesting agency.
The security of information and computing resources at all organizational levels; including software/application and data security support, as well as disaster recovery planning and risk assessment.
Combination of software, hardware and networking technologies to offer hosted service-based applications.
The IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting include the following types of services: cost and financial analyses, information systems auditing and quality assurance and telecommunications systems management.
The IT Management Consulting Services include any of the following types of services: IT enterprise architecture, systems review for architectural consistency, strategic planning assistance, project management services, Master Contractor assessments and risk assessment analysis.
Services to support multi-media and education centers including, but not limited to: planning, analysis, troubleshooting, integration, acquisition, installation, operations, maintenance, training, documentation, and administration; professional training expertise, including instructional systems design capabilities to improve job performance of employees utilizing the learning/media center.
Develop and/or maintain the following types of documentation: system documentation; user manuals; computer operations and program maintenance manuals; plans for training, testing, quality assurance, and contingency operations; and backup, recovery and restart procedures; technical writing for proposals, presentations, standard operating procedures (SOP), policies and procedures.
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MD CATS+ Contract Team

IPKeys has a dedicated team of highly-experienced, senior staff to assist you and your company with your MD CATS+ contract inquiries. Please contact the relevant individual below with any questions or issues.

Service Contact Name Title Phone
Contracts & Program Information Robert Nawy Chief Executive Officer 732-389-8112 ext. 117
Solicitation Contact Michael Hoover VP Municipal Technology Services 540-657-4717
Customer Satisfaction Lanfen Nawy Managing Principal 732-389-8112 ext. 116

About the MD CATS+ Contract

Contract Item Detail
Contract Number 060B2490023-2016
Performance Period 4/22/2013 through 4/31/2028
Eligible Users Approved state agencies
eMD Marketplace No. 00033396
Vehicle Type Multiple Award IDIQ
Contracting Agency State of Maryland Department of IT