IPKeys Announces Appointment of Robert Nawy as CEO

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Eatontown NJ, April 26, 2017 – IPKeys announced today that Robert Nawy has been appointed to the position of CEO. Mr. Nawy is assuming the role held by Lanfen Nawy for 12 years since the inception of the company in March 2005. Ms. Nawy will remain as a Managing Principal of IPKeys.

“Growing IPKeys from a start-up in 2005 to the sizeable, stable and growing company that it is today has been a very satisfying experience for all of us. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rob as the CEO as he has served as Managing Director and CFO diligently over over the past 12 years.”

Lanfen Nawy, Managing Principal IPKeys

“I truly want to thank my co-founders Lan Nawy and Mark Pappas for their support and continued trust in creating an innovative and high growth company”, stated Robert Nawy. “I also want to thank all the employees and community of IPKeys and some of the key early leaders who are soon approaching 8 to 10 years of service, including Jeff Bochonok, COO of Federal Services, Art Clomera CTO of Federal Services, Dan Havens, VP Technology and Jim Boch Chief Engineer Smart Grid.”

“We look forward to continuing to deliver the innovative and best of breed cyber security, network communications and software development solutions to the Department of Defense (DOD), Public Safety and Energy sectors”, added Mr. Nawy. “Our mission and vision to provide technology solutions to the complex global challenges faced by our country’s defense forces, energy infrastructure, public safety communication networks, and commercial enterprises positions IPKeys with sustained thought and capability leadership”.

About IPKeys Technologies

IPKeys Technologies (IPKeys) is a strategic partner in the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, Municipal, Energy, and commercial sectors, delivering expertise in the definition, development, integration, and deployment of Internet Protocol (“IP”) technology and communications systems. IPKeys expertise includes Network and Telecommunications Engineering; Systems Engineering and Integration; Cyber Security; Systems Acquisition, Modeling and Simulation; and Energy/Smart Grid Engineering Services.

About IPKeys Power Partners

IPKeys Power Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of IPKeys, is a leading energy solutions provider of Demand Response resources, AutoDR technology, and Integrated Demand Response and Demand Management programs across the United States. For over ten years, IPKeys Power Partners has enabled electric utility customers to participate securely and reliably in a range of energy programs. The company offers include advanced metering with web-based reporting and its OpenADR 2.0b-certified EISS Automated Demand Response solutions.

Incorporated in March 2005, IPKeys is headquartered at Eatontown, New Jersey and has offices in California, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia.