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Project Description

Duke V3 Counter RCIED System

The Duke V3 Counter RCIED System, manufactured by SRCTec, Inc., is a lightweight, vehicle-mounted Counter Radio-Controlled Electronic Warfare (CREW) jamming system designed as a counter measure against Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). IPKeys was approached by the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO) to design a training course for Duke V3 Field Service Representatives (FSRs) to train safely and efficiently using a tablet-based Instructional Multimedia Instruction (IMI) app. We were tasked with compressing a half-day training course (that included multiple PowerPoint briefs) and a 225-page user manual into an engaging IMI app that could be completed in approximately 30 minutes.

Duke V3 Counter RCIED System Mobile Training App

Duke V3 Counter RCIED System

The Duke V3 IMI mobile app is designed to assist the Predictive Maintenance (PdM) CREW Operator and Field Service Representative (FSR) in learning the operation and maintenance of the Duke V3 Counter RCIED System. Users learn the Duke V3 System in a step-wise fashion with guided instruction:

  • Introduction to the key components of the System
  • System installation including where to plug in all cables and mount antennae
  • System verification including initial start up, what indicator lights mean, and what to pay attention to
  • Installation and update of the System firmware and threat loads using a simulated version of the actual operator software
  • Troubleshooting which includes being placed in a simulated fault situation which the user must resolve using their training

Duke V3 Mobile Training App Video Overview

This video overview (running time: 1:52 mins) gives you a sense of the detailed photo-realism of the Duke V3 mobile training app. The Duke V3 training app provides an interactive and detailed training simulation experience with that allows users to learn the Duke V3 Counter RCIED System from installation through troubleshooting without the need for an instructor or any physical equipment. Realistic fault situations can be learned without risk to equipment or the trainee. The game-like environment will serve to greatly reinforce standard classroom training.

Duke V3 Mobile Training App Gallery

The Duke V3 Counter RCIED System training tablet app is developed from our cinema-realistic simulation software technology. The app user can learn all aspects of the Duke V3 System in an engaging, game-like simulated environment with supportive interactive training guides. Following the training segment, the user can test their skills by resolving simulated fault conditions.

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