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Project Description

PIPPER Personal RF Jamming Device

IPKeys was approached by the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO) to create an animated video to help train the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) personnel in the proper care and use of the PIPPER radio frequency jamming device. PIPPER is a small, body-mounted jamming device used as a nominal, first-line RCIED countermeasure and accordingly it was imperative that the ANSF set up and use the device correctly. The animated video solution needed to be short and easy to understand and could use neither language narration nor text explanation given the potential communication barriers between instructors and ANSF personnel.

PIPPER personal jamming device

PIPPER Jamming Device Operation Instructional Video

Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) personnel required training to understand how to power and operate the PIPPER personal radio frequency jamming device. There were obvious barriers to training including language, education, and simple common sense which at times created a frustrating environment for instructors. As it was critical for the ANSF to learn how to properly use the life-saving PIPPER device, JIDO sought out an animated video instruction solution that would cover all the essentials of PIPPER’s operation without the necessity of narration, sound effects, or on-screen text.

PIPPER Training Video Gallery

The PIPPER training video (running time 2:25 mins) is developed from our cinema-realistic simulation software technology. The user learns the essential care and use of the personal jamming device in a quick and easy to understand animated video guide.

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