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Project Description

Route Clearance Optics Suite

IPKeys was approached by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), one of the three Department of Navy major acquisition commands, to develop a tablet-based training app for their Route Clearance Optics Suite (RCOS). RCOS is an enhanced optics system used by route clearance teams to identify IED and emplacement activity along military travel routes. The audience for the app included both instructors and warfighters and the training focused on how to operate all seven RCOS devices, develop user familiarity with device menu systems, and reinforce thermography lessons.

RCOS Skeeter IR device

RCOS Mobile Training App

The RCOS interactive training tablet app provides not only a media-rich, engaging learning environment but is also compact and highly portable allowing for effective training in the field without the clumsiness and bulk inherent to paper manuals. The RCOS app trains personnel in the essentials of thermography as well as how to turn on, configure, and operate their RCOS thermal devices. Trainees are taught to recognize the various field conditions under which each RCOS device is applicable based on its primary optical function.

RCOS Mobile Training App Gallery

The RCOS training tablet app is developed from our cinema-realistic simulation software technology. The app user can learn all the essentials of thermography and how to use each of the RCOS devices in an engaging, game-like simulated environment with supportive interactive training guides.

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