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Project Description

Trainer Interactive Dive Environment Simulator (TIDES)

IPKeys LVC Studio, creators of the acclaimed I-GAME Counter-IED simulation training platform, developed the Trainer Interactive Dive Environment Simulator (TIDES) as a proof of concept for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Combat Swimmer/Diver simulation training. TIDES allows instructors to build customized training scenarios that simulate water column operations to help aquatic warfighters make critical decisions during high-pressure, time-limited combat scenarios in hostile environments. Built on the acclaimed I-GAME simulation platform, TIDES focuses on the interactive environments pertaining to waterborne disciplines

TIDES: Trainer Interactive Dive Environment Simulator

Training with TIDES

Instructors can quickly create custom training scenarios in aquatic environments using the TIDES Integrated Editor. TIDES allows instructors to tailor training of combat swimmer/diver trainees with accurate representation of marine scenarios. Scenarios can be saved to a library for future reference, reuse, and/or distribution. This allows for on-demand replay and/or sharing of particular executed scenarios. An existing scenario can be modified to create any number of “what if” variant scenarios. Instructors can easily alter marina layout and ship placement, adjust water conditions (turbidity/visibility, coloration), adjust tidal conditions and currents relative to stratification, sub-currents, eddies, and wave surge, change key scenario elements, and replay the events. This rapid iteration of scenarios and the ability to change key elements greatly enhances the ability of instructors to reinforce essential concepts, methods, and best practices.

The simulation technology used in TIDES lets combat swimmers/divers familiarize themselves with equipment for communication, navigation, and transportation purposes. The TIDES scenario 3D visualizations create a realistic, point of view experience for each member of the dive team allowing for skills development that will be leveraged in real-world, similar scenarios. TIDES includes a library of scenario performance metrics that instructors can use to assess the skill level of trainees.

TIDES Video Overview

This video overview (running time: 2:25 mins) gives you a sense of the detailed cinematics and photo-realism of the TIDES training product. TIDES provides an immersive training simulation experience with complex, highly-customizable aquatic environments and scenarios. Instructors can design scenarios to train proper techniques and run rehearsals and virtual testing. This type of simulation-based instruction increases the probability of personnel training on their own given the game-like challenges and will greatly reinforce classroom training.

TIDES Gallery

Engineered from the ground up with Unreal Engine, TIDES provides state-of-the-art aquatic environment combat scenario simulations for marine training. A wide variety of combat scenarios can be easily created, modified to generate multiple “what if” variants, and saved to a scenarios library for future reference and ongoing training purposes.

TIDES Features

TIDES simulated swimmer

Throughout the execution of every mission, TIDES will track and record pre-selected metrics such as:

  • Maneuverability (buoyancy issues, currents, sub currents and tidal effects)
  • Use of transports and propulsion systems, awareness of depth limitations and ascent procedures
  • Usage of weapons
  • Navigational accuracy (compass usage/display, depth meter usage/display, identification of rally points and targets and fin strokes or cycles)
  • Diver situational awareness (identification of rally points and targets, inter-squad communication/ identification, effects of water turbidity and visibility limits)
  • Communications to and from the maritime realm

At the completion of each scenario, these metrics will be displayed for each player. Examination of these statistics are helpful to the instructor during After Action Reviews and allow trainee warfighters to iteratively improve their skills.

The TIDES Integrated Editor is designed with the trainer in mind. A friendly user interface complete with a robust scenario editing tool kit provides trainers the flexibility to create an incredibly wide range of training scenarios. The rapid iteration of scenarios and the ability to change key elements allows trainers and trainees to reinforce classroom training and makes repeatable scenarios available to multiple personnel.
TIDES is planned to also function outside of classroom training initiatives and is envisioned as a viable component of mission planning. TIDES can for example allow a commander to imagine and virtually represent possible target locations, identifying features, obstacles and primary routes of advance. By calling from satellite terrain libraries as well as tidal lookup tables, TIDES can represent locations around the world and can quickly add new interactive elements on short notice. This functionality will allow units to visualize their objectives before actually engaging in the mission be it in the water, on the ground, or in the air.
TIDES can be tailored for use during rehearsals of key combat actions allowing participants to become familiar with the operation and translate relatively dry recitation of the tactical plan into a rich visual impression. This approach can orient the warfighter to the environment and to other units during the execution of the operation tactical plan. The ability to repeatedly rehearse combat tasks reinforces the sequence of key actions within the operation. Subordinate units and leaders can subsequently analyze the tactical plan to ascertain the feasibility, practicality, and adequacy of its combat measures. Depending on the timeline for each mission, intelligence based updates to the immersive environment will allow leaders to conduct reduced rehearsals focusing on critical events like actions on the objective, breaching operations, passage of lines, movement to the objective, security, battle handover, commitment of counterattack forces on the striking force and other phases of the operation as needed.

The 3D visualization and cinematic precision in TIDES creates realistic aquatic environments and scenarios that allow trainees to interact completely in the simulated environment as though they were in the actual environment.

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