Land mobile radio (LMR) systems are highly secure and reliable private network. They are traditionally used primarily for voice. P25-compliant LMR systems can provide data capability. The EISS-LMR utilizes the integrated voice and data capability in the existing LMR systems by queuing event commands that are dispatched using low bandwidth signals and sent in sequence to prevent overload of the data channel.

To further minimize load on the existing LMR network, this system can also be configured to use normal public communications infrastructure but fail over to the LMR network in the event that the public network is compromised or unavailable.

Building upon the mature EISS® system developed on proven National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Department of Energy (DOE) recognized OpenADR 2.0b standards, IPKeys provides a breakthrough delivery of “out of the box” technologies and services over LMR networks. These OpenADR 2.0b services leverage previous or planned investments in data-capable LMR voice networks that now provide data services.

EISS-LMR enables utilities to control critical infrastructure, distributed resources, essential network assets and significant loads in a highly reliable and cyber-secure manner. This is of importance in the course of day to day activities and in times of crisis caused by weather, physical threats, cyber threats, terrorism or other emergencies.

Key Features

  • Cyber-secure control over distributed system resources (DER)
  • Continued operations in stressed public system conditions
  • Leverages existing communications networks, both private and public
  • Redundant communications capabilities built in to ensure reliability
  • Public Internet not needed at resources
  • Secure gateway to system resources
  • Manage system loads, distributed generation resources, micro grids, utility assets, and other essential infrastructure needs
  • Simple end-device connection using Modbus/IP and Dry-Contact Signals

Utility Benefits

  • Open standards interoperability on a common unified infrastructure
  • Leveraging utility’s existing LMR networks historically used for voice
  • Disaster preparedness asset
  • Cyber-secure communications
  • Aids in protection and restoration of networks when they are threatened


  • The EISS-LMR system implements OpenADR 2.0’s flexible security protocol that includes such technologies as TLS and PKI/security certificates.

Cyber Security & Control

Enables secure and highly reliable control of all critical infrastructure both utility and customer owned

Leverage Private Networks

Utilize existing LMR Reach to CIP, DER and externally owned assets

Utility Owned  Assets 

Interfaces to SCADA

Non-Utility Owned Assets