Protect your IP | Control Corporate Data and Network Infrastructure  |  Maintain Brand Investments 

IPKeys is an innovative leader in providing services and products in the asymmetric cyber battlefield.  As well, IPKeys is on the forefront of defensive cyber operations and a leading integrator for ensuring a holistic security approach. The IPKeys Cyber Lab-as-a-Service (CLaaS™) product suite provides significant business benefits for organizations of all sizes by establishing the “as is” security baseline; understanding the dynamic nature of your business cyber landscape and providing actionable intelligence to respond to and remediate anomalous changes to the baseline.

CLaaS™ is an ecosystem of cyber capabilities that allow the IT workforce to train and execute cyber operations from a holistic security model. CLaaS™ emulates autonomous security assurance and keeps pace with integrating new capabilities with minimal user effort.  As well, CLaaS™ provides a federated shared environment to reduce total cost of ownership for any single program.  Industries of all kinds invest enormous resources and capital into corporate branding and managing their intellectual property.  Our CLaaS™ solution set provides the most comprehensive defense to safeguard against vulnerabilities and risk within your network and computing environments, potentially saving major financial and material losses.

The computing landscape is changing from traditional cybersecurity of “defense in depth” to protection of locking down assets within an organizational boundary.  Emerging technologies have focused on boundary (network) security, but application security is often assumed as secure and trusted.  This oversight has resulted in attackers gaining significant cyberspace advantages once circumventing the boundary. The new frontier is an asymmetric cyber warfare with assets in the cloud and a mobile workforce along with the traditional corporate boundaries. CLaaS™ allows the customer to execute their primary business models while trusting their data is managed and secure.


IPKeys CLaaS™ provides the capabilities to visually map your “as is” environment providing a static view of your system and baselines where the system is at a given time along with the assets. These scans discover vulnerabilities and provide the visuals necessary to manage changes.



IPKeys CLaaS™ monitors and provides a dynamic view of your system and baseline. This is used to understand “what is optimal” for the computing environment. It also helps to recognize dynamic conditions in cyberspace for the network as well as the applications.



IPKeys CLaaS™ transforms the mapping and sensing data into information to drive proactive changes within the environment. IT provides the optimal mix of capabilities to ensure the proactive responsiveness to navigate today’s cyberspace understanding the dynamic threat exposure.