IED Gaming & Modeling Environment

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Gaming and Modeling Environment (I-GAME) has been developed by IPKeys Technologies for the Joint Improvised-threat Defeat Agency (JIDA)  with NAVAIR as an immersive tool intended to supplement Counter-IED training. I-GAME is fully government owned and distributable free of charge for government users with full source code access provided. The software was created as a time-saving, interactive virtual simulation for dismounted patrol operations to augment pre-deployment training using Counter-IED equipment and proper Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs.)

It is multiplayer capable to support Platoon (and below) collective training with live Instructor participation or observation. An Instructor can review unit’s performance during and after operations.

I-GAME’s Integrated Editor gives the instructor the ability to quickly create custom scenarios. Once a scenario is created, it can be distributed for future use and reference. This allows for immediate replay of exact scenario or sharing for a multi-play scenario.  At any time, the scenario can be altered to create “what if” scenarios.  Instructors can immediately alter crew positions, change IED types / triggers or replay the same mission.  This rapid iteration of scenarios and the ability to change one or two key elements allows trainers and trainees the ability to reinforce certain key elements of training as well as train multiple personnel with the same resources available. The expansive Inventory System  and C-IED Equipment Library works seamlessly with the Integrated Editor that allows the instructor to populate the environment with vehicles, units, insurgents, IED Components, RF, Props, etc.

Throughout the execution of every mission, I-GAME tracks and records pre-selected metrics, and at the completion of each scenario, these metrics are displayed for each player.  Current metrics that are being tracked include each players sweep and movement patterns, spacing and distance between personnel and equipment, antenna radiation patterns from a performance and compatibility standpoint and fatigue personnel would be exposed to.  I-GAME can be programmed to track additional metrics.  These statistics are helpful to aid the instructor during After Action Reviews.

The 3D visualization in I-GAME creates a natural point of view which allows the user to recognize and experience scenarios as if they were in the environment.  Included is the ability to display RF coverage, interference, etc. that is invisible to the naked eye in a live training environment. This is mostly of use for the scenario editor, but is also addressed in the displays within the Post Play visualization.  The instructor can see these visualization in real-time while creating a scenario and during TESTPLAY, but the user will experience the environment exactly like they would in the battlespace.

For more information, please contact Mr. Mark A. Pappas, map@ipkeys.com.

Enhancements In The I-GAME 2.0 Release
  • Re-engineered for Unreal Engine 4
    • Support for Large Terrain Maps
    • New Lighting Models
  • Enhanced RF Visualization and Performance
    • Device Coverage Visualization
    • Coverage Shadow / Blocking Visualization
    • Proximity Interference Visualization and Audio Cues
    • Environmental Degradation Zones
    • Line of Sight Effectiveness Calculations (Blocking)
  • Multi-passenger First Person Drive-able Vehicles, Seat Switching
  • Additional CIED Systems: BALDR, Holly Stick, AN/PSS-14 Rev 6 and Strider
  • Enhanced CIED System Detection
    • Second Scale Detection (lights and sound behaviors)
    • Battlefield Clutter (Detectable Patterns of Metallic Debris)
  • Support for Dynamic Terrain Loading
    • DTED Parsing and Terrain Loading
    • Not Publicly Available in 2.0
  • DIS/HLA support
    • Multiple Distributed Simulation Protocols Supported
    • Utilizes Government-Owned AMIE Distribution Layer Architecture
  • Enhanced Support for Location Specific Crowds and Crowd AI
    • African, Middle Eastern, Dock Workers
  • Enhanced Scenario Editing
    • Easier Multiple Item Placement
    • Enhanced Inventory / Attachment System
    • Multiple Item Selection / Manipulation
  • Enhanced Gameplay Options
    • Editor-Enabled End States Allows for Many Different Play Types
    • End Zone Triggers, Death Triggers, IED Event Triggers, IED Confirm Triggers
    • Option of Real-Time Sweeper Path Visualization for Training Aids
  • Enhanced IED Models
    • IEDs Split Into Components
      (Switch, Power Source, Charge and Connecting Segments)
    • Multi-Charge Daisy Chained Charges
    • Ability to Move Groups or Individual Components, Add Ground Sign, etc.
  • Enhanced REVIEW mode
    • Color coded team avatars for quick readability
    • Overhead billboards for at-a-glance examination
    • Item selection displays item details
    • Timeline of tracked events across entire scenario gameplay
    • Filterable event list
    • Injury, death, RF jamming, IED detection, IED detonation, and end zone events tracked
    • Per-time display options of motion path, sweep path, RF coverage, and standoff distances, etc.
Enhancements In The I-GAME 1.2 Release
  • Created Using Unreal Engine 3
  • Attachment Switching i.e.. From Scanner to Weapon
  • Weapon Firing – Aim Down Site Views and Firing of Several Available Weapons
  • Thermal View – Users Can Pull Up Their SkeetIR Equipped Weapon and See Thermal Markings On All Game Assets (Characters, Vehicles, Ground Signs)
  • Ground Marking Systems – Free Form Ground Marking Using Spray Paint or Shaving Cream
  • New Maps / Environment
  • High Vegetation Maps (Biomes Include: Bamboo, Forrest Creek, Elephant Grass, Single / Double Canopy Jungle)
  • Crowds in SWA Environments
  • Multiplayer Enabled
  • Culvert IED Placement
  • Dynamic Lighting with Time of day Settings
  • Sweeper Fatigue System – Replicates the Weight and Usage of the Equipment. Users Can Become Exhausted If They Don’t Properly Monitor their Energy Bar.
  • Improved metrics- AAR feedback
  • AAR Tracking for Weapons Firing (Accuracy).
  • AAR Tracking on Placement of Lane Marking.
  • Retrograde Vehicles – HET, HEMTT and Additional Vehicles (Toyota Hylux, Styker, Jingle Truck)
  • Complex Attack Mode – which allows a trainer to set an ‘After the Boom’ timer to see how players react after shots are fired, an IED is detected, or an IED is detonated.
  • Scenario Designers Have the Ability to Write a 5 Paragraph OPORDERS for the Mission as Well as Build Out a Threat Map of the Mission with Icons
  • User adjustable settings
    • Scalable graphics settings
    • Adjustable screen resolution
    • Ability to invert mouse look
    • Keyboard layouts that work for both right and left handed users

Download I-GAME Version 1.2

How Do I Download and Activate I-GAME?
  • Download Link

    Click here to get to https://wasp.navair-rdte.navy.mil

  • Create Account

    Click link for Create New Account at the top right of screen. Requires Username, Email, First name, Last Name. Username is seen by other users so choose one that represents you well. FirstName.LastName is common. (Write down or remember your username. You will need it to login in the future)

  • Referrer

    You may enter Bruce Lowry for the Referrer and phone 760-371-5586. blowry@ipkeys.com

  • About

    Information in Location and “About Me” is used in your public profile for others to see.

  • Content Access

    Click Continue to navigate to a screen where you will choose which content you want access to. You will see the content types with a check box next to them. Click the check box for any content you wish to have access to. Enter a justification of why you want access. Click “Finish” to complete your access request.

  • Confirmation

    You will see a message telling you that an email has been sent to you. This email contains a message that your account request is under review and after it is approved you will receive another email that contains a link for you to use to set your password. After account activation follow these instructions to download the I-GAME files.

  • Access I-GAME Files

    From the login screen enter your username and password and click Login. From the top level menu hover over Filedepot until the drop down menu appears. Click on I-GAME Files from this menu. On the left hand side of the screen click on the folder titled I-GAME Files

  • Download I-GAME

    On the next screen you will see the I-GAME folders. Click the arrow to the left of the folder named I-GAME_Core_Files. (alternatively you can click on the folder name). You now have 2 options for retrieving the latest I-GAME software.

    • You can download the whole thing in a single file by clicking on the green arrow next to the file titled I-GAME_1.2.ISO.   This is a large file ~3.5GB
    • You can alternatively download the four smaller files titled I-GAME_1.2.001 through 004 and combine them with 7zip to make the downloads shorter.
Ensure that you are able to download and activate I-GAME, please make sure that the computer you are using is on a NIPR Network (Nonsecure Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network).