Responder Assessment Command Trainer

IPKeys LVC’s Responder Assessment Command Trainer (ReACT) Simulation Prototype is for training first responders across multiple agencies, disciplines, and jurisdictions in real time on complex emergency response scenarios.

Instructors will be able to build training scenarios in the actual areas where trainees will be working. The best way to supplement real-world training and mission rehearsal is by simulating dangerous environments in a safe learning atmosphere. The technology puts them inside a simulation for virtual disaster to try new techniques internal to each role, and new methods for communication and collaboration across roles to see if they compromise the capability or safety of other responders or civilians.

ReACT can be tailored to train first responders in major city environments with accurate representation and combat threats such as an active shooter/coordinated attack, train derailment, explosive device, crowd control, high rise fire and a multiple car accident. ReACT will allow the instructor to recreate real-world events in these city environments.

ReACT’s Integrated Editor will give the instructor the ability to quickly create a custom scenario throughout the urban setting. Once a scenario is created, it can be saved for future reference, allowing for immediate replay of the exact scenario or sharing for a multi-play scenario. At any time, the scenario can be altered to create “what if” scenarios.

The rapid iteration of scenarios, and the ability to change one or two key elements allows trainers and trainees the ability to reinforce certain key elements of training, as well as train multiple personnel with the same available resources

ReCOGNIZE: Make an incident assessment when coming on scene, and being able to spot hazards, damages, sights, sounds…

RePLAY: Establish familiarity of procedures for responders and provide decision making rehearsal for trainees for learning applications.

ReEXAMINE: Throughout the execution of every mission, ReACT tracks and records pre-selected metrics, and at the completion of each scenario, these metrics are displayed for each player.

ReVIEW: Current metrics that are being tracked include movement patterns, location of hazards and victim detection. Examination of these statistics are helpful to aid the instructor during After Action Reviews.

ReIMAGINE: The 3D visualization in ReACT creates a natural point of view which allows the user to recognize and experience scenarios as if they were in the environment. The realistic environments, sounds and graphics in ReACT enhances perception of reality, and allows users to interact completely as if they were physically in the environments.