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Federal & Defense Sector

IPKeys is committed to deliver innovative technologies that address the complex requirements of our Federal & Defense customers across the entire technology life cycle. From concept through sustainment, IPKeys provides numerous Federal Agencies operational expertise across network communications, software engineering, cybersecurity, cloud and data centers, and system acquisition. Our Federal & Defense clients look to us to assist them in their efforts to keep America’s warfighters safe and its information technology secure. We continually invest in advanced technologies, capabilities, and talented personnel to keep our Federal & Defense customers at the leading edge of technological sophistication.

Meeting Unique Customer Challenges

Federal & Defense customers are tasked with managing the unique and ever evolving requirements and challenges specific to government agencies and organizations. They frequently must deliver services under complex regulatory requirement structures and typically within constrained budgets and timelines. Within the defense space, our customers manage issues of critical importance to the safety and security of the nation and the individuals and entities tasked with its protection. Federal & Defense customers rely on their suppliers of technology solutions to have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant regulatory frameworks and requirements as well as demonstrated expertise and deep experience in the delivery of the highest-quality, most cost-effective, leading-edge technology solutions.

Our Federal & Defense customers benefit from our deep familiarity with the government sector and long-standing Federal Agency partnerships and relationships in which we routinely deliver results that meet or exceed our project commitments. We have unmatched experience and expertise in the integration of highly-secure network and data center technology, cybersecurity solutions, specialized software engineering services, and system acquisition/support services. We have expert-level knowledge of all relevant Federal Agency and Department of Defense regulations, policies, and procedures and many of our senior staff have prior military careers or have worked within the Department of Defense space. We deliver solutions support that helps keep America’s warfighters safe and its information and systems secure.

Federal & Defense Services

Our Network Engineering team delivers network planning, design, optimization, and support services across a range of communication technologies including WAN/MAN, outdoor wireless, RF modeling and simulation, MPLS, complex routing and security, and application-specific networks. The team has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing robust communication networks over a wide variety of customer environments including large public sector agencies, commercial enterprises (including public safety and transportation), utilities, and energy service providers. Our certified network professionals will help you assess your existing network, design a network optimization plan, and deploy required hardware, software, and a best practices framework to realize that plan. We have substantial experience and deep expertise across a wide range of network technologies and enterprise-class markets.

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The IPKeys Cybersecurity Group offers exceptional, best-value services supporting mission-critical cybersecurity solutions and remediation strategies for legacy and emerging Information Systems. The Group designs, tests, and implements robust enterprise-class security services that provide dynamic, comprehensive, and multi-layered protection from exploits and attacks against critical infrastructure. The core competencies of this group are based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework and the DoD-specific implementation guidance of this framework. The Group’s skills portfolio centers on: Standards Compliance, Policy and Procedures Implementation, Public Key Infrastructure, Biometrics, Identity/Privilege Management, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Analytics, Cross-Domain Security Implementation and Management, Cryptographic Services, Secure Configuration Management, and End-Point Protection.

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The IPKeys team is assessed at CMMI Level 3 for Development supported by ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Control and Risk Management systems. We develop and integrate mission-critical software solutions using Software Development Life Cycle models that are chiefly typified by continuous communication with our customers, frequent delivery of software updates, iterative improvement and testing, and strong emphasis on the delivery of desired functionality.

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Cloud computing has had a significant impact on the modernization of IT within government agencies. IPKeys has been instrumental in assisting our government customers in the migration of their data centers to the cloud and implementing effective cloud computing practices. IPKeys is a leader in cloud enablement and has been significantly involved in private, public, and community cloud deployments in support of the Department of Defense Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI).

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Our first class acquisition staff places years of commercial/government program management leadership and experience at your disposal. Our expert acquisitions and logistics knowledgebase spans the entire range of the Department of Defense Instruction 5000.02 (DODI 5000.02) Operation of the Defense Acquisition Process Including: Acquisition Policy, Program Planning, Requirements Management, Scheduling, Resource Management, Budgeting, Testing, and Task Management. We have the experience and expertise to effectively meet the life cycle cost schedule and performance goals of any customer acquisitions program.

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