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Cybersecurity & Data Analytics

The IPKeys Cybersecurity Group offers exceptional, best-value services supporting mission-critical cybersecurity solutions and remediation strategies for legacy and emerging Information Systems. The Group designs, tests, and implements robust enterprise-class security services that provide dynamic, comprehensive, and multi-layered protection from exploits and attacks against critical infrastructure. The core competencies of this group are based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework and the DoD-specific implementation guidance of this framework. The Group’s skills portfolio centers on: Standards Compliance, Policy and Procedures Implementation, Public Key Infrastructure, Biometrics, Identity/Privilege Management, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Analytics, Cross-Domain Security Implementation and Management, Cryptographic Services, Secure Configuration Management, and End-Point Protection.

Protecting Technology Infrastructure

Network security is a critical component of any network design. Whether a network suffers an internal or external attack, a significant operational error, or an unanticipated event failure, it is imperative that it have robust protective measures that can repel the incursion and/or quickly restore operational functionality. The IPKeys Cybersecurity Group has substantial expertise in the installation and integration of a wide array of security features that comply with regulatory mandates as well as in the implementation of security best practices in the absence of regulatory mandates. Working proactively with the existing infrastructure, IPKeys will ensure your network and software environments are robustly protected from emerging security threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions

As emerging risks to information systems from threats and vulnerabilities become ever more prevalent, IPKeys stands ready to offer best value services for critical cybersecurity support. Our cybersecurity solutions ensure the integrity of our customers’ infrastructure, data, and brand and protects the “trust” required for them to serve their customers in today’s high threat information environment. Our cybersecurity solutions include the following:

  • Providing transition expertise from the Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Program (DIACAP) certification activities to the Assessment & Authorization (A&A) activities specified in the Risk Management Framework (RMF).
  • Identifying critical assets and determining security risk levels.
  • Strengthening cyber defense through people, processes, and technology.
  • Continuous monitoring for potential threats throughout the network and its assets.
  • Monitoring, assessing, and defending against internal/external threats.
  • Establishing information systems baselines and providing formal configuration management.

Integrated Best-In-Breed Security

An integral component of our cybersecurity services is our own proprietary, first-line-of-defense IPKeys Cyber Lab as a Service™ (IPKeys CLaaS™) product. IPKeys CLaaS™ delivers cybersecurity capabilities and experts as a single service that dynamically monitors and reports to the customer the defensive posture of their IT infrastructure. IPKeys CLaaS™ can be deployed on-premise directly using hardware or indirectly via virtual solutions. Federal agencies are required to have their cyber infrastructure comply with Federal cybersecurity regulations and IPKeys CLaaS™ automatically ensures compliance.

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