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Modeling & Simulation

The IPKeys Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) unit creates Modeling & Simulation software with the singular goal of using cinematic-grade simulation technology to increase the survival rates of all U.S. Warfighters communities. IPKeys LVC develops specialized simulated environment training tools, including Serious Games, Interactive Multimedia Instructions (IMI) and Interactive Virtual Simulation (IVS), to enhance the training instructor’s ability to teach personnel. IPKeys LVC products improve the efficacy of instructional training and deepen the engagement of trainees.

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Translating Training into Engaging Experiences

A leader in simulation training, IPKeys creates software that empowers users with the most immersive and effective virtual learning experiences possible while minimizing cost, development schedules, and development effort. The IPKeys LVC simulated environment training experience is designed to prepare the warfighter for the multiple dangers that exist in real-world battle spaces.

Our core LVC training tools are built from a common simulation and modeling platform and provide instructors with multiple approaches to effectively teach personnel by recreating classroom and field environments within an always-accessible virtual medium. These core tools primarily address training and presentations using immersive simulation game-style environments, interactive multimedia, and non-interactive video. Our leading-edge simulation and modeling platform allows us to create highly-flexible and cinematically-realistic solutions fully customized to address virtually any desired customer training or presentation objective. Our specialized experience in and strong relationships with the defense and public safety sectors allow us to develop best-in-class simulation solutions in particular for military and paramilitary training applications.

We invite you to explore our portfolio of solutions and demonstrations developed from our simulation and modeling platform. Whatever your training or presentation needs, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Modeling & Simulation Solutions

Serious Games

IPKeys develops Serious Games using 3D objects and environments to create cinematically-realistic and highly-immersive scenario training experiences. The primary objective of this type of training is to actively engage the user, develop and hone their skills, and assess those skills using interactive scenarios and environments that reflect real-life battle space situations. Our I-GAME, ReACT, and TIDES software are powerful examples of our work in this area.

Interactive Multimedia Instruction

Interactive Multimedia Instruction provides the student greater control and flexibility in the learning environment. Students can make decisions using multiple techniques in response to instructional cues and can apply complex information to solve a problem and/or produce a desired result. IPKeys can develop interactive training platforms across a wide variety of subjects to complement classroom lessons and significantly increase subject matter comprehension and retention.

Instructional Video Production

Instructional Video is a primarily non-interactive presentation tool used to educate the user on a particular subject or event. We can recreate actual events for military, first-responder, litigation, and other demonstrative purposes. Recreating an event in a simulated 3D environment allows audience engagement not only via the standard third-person perspective but also from the perspective of an event character and the event can be witnessed from multiple points of view as it unfolds.

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Modeling & Simulation Portfolio