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Network Communications

Our Network Engineering team delivers network planning, design, optimization, and support services across a range of network communications technologies including WAN/MAN, outdoor wireless, RF modeling and simulation, MPLS, complex routing and security, and application-specific networks. The team has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing robust communication networks over a wide variety of customer environments including large public sector agencies, commercial enterprises (including public safety and transportation), utilities, and energy service providers. Our certified network professionals will help you assess your existing network, design a network optimization plan, and deploy required hardware, software, and a best practices framework to realize that plan. We have substantial experience and deep expertise across a wide range of network technologies and enterprise-class markets.

Network Communication Technologies

Our network engineers have designed, integrated, and deployed numerous Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and have substantial experience with most data transports, protocols, and leading network vendor solutions and components. We specialize in optimizing network infrastructure for commercial enterprises as well as government organizations and agencies. Our WAN/MAN experience includes such varied applications as intelligent transportation systems, public safety, and utility smart grids.

Our wireless engineers design optimal wireless networks by first determining all essential requirements of the network and then by conducting thorough site surveys and RF modeling & simulation. We have expertise in multiple wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and service provider solutions across both licensed and unlicensed frequencies. Our wireless engineers have designed and implemented wireless solutions using technologies such as Mesh, WiMAX, private LTE, Microwave, Wireless Broadband, Wireless Backhaul, and complex indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi.

Our engineers have implemented both legacy and leading-edge solutions using systems and components from leading optical network technology vendors. Our Engineering Analysis & Design process determines which technologies are best suited to the client project. During the Technical Research & Development phase, our engineers create the needed end-to-end integration for customer networks subject to the requirements for voice, serial, and synchronized low-latency throughput for any application riding mission-critical networks.

With a rigorous understanding of the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard, our network engineers have designed and implemented numerous broadband solutions delivered over optical fiber, DSL, cable, and satellite. End-to-end integration of registration and provisioning followed by monitoring, management, and billing is crucial to the success of broadband systems and our broadband expertise accordingly includes commercial and government designs for deployments of all sizes.



We analyze your network technologies, configuration, security, and existing practices. In concert with your team, we work to realize your desired network strategy and outcomes.

  • Understand/develop network/security strategy.
  • Identify shortcomings and gaps in network/security.
  • Establish existing performance baselines.
  • Report on readiness for network optimization.


We draw upon our extensive history of work across multiple markets to optimize the design of your network within your cost and timeline constraints.

  • Determine the best configuration of network components.
  • Rework existing architecture subject to best operational/security practices.
  • For agencies, ensure compliance with government protocols.


Following implementation/optimization, our team remains available to provide support and assistance should you need it.

  • We apply a full range of functional/performance testing.
  • Issue discovery and diagnostics.
  • Ongoing system performance, reliability, and error reporting.

Case Experience

IPKeys brings to each client case experience based on an impressive portfolio of successful projects across numerous markets. We note below several of our most prominent network engineering projects/solutions:

  • Lead architect for the DoD Information Network transport capability including technology assessment, testing & certification activities, and deployment planning.
  • Certification of the 100Gbps Optical Transport System for multiple vendors (Ciena, Cisco, Xtera) enabling the Government to deploy solutions that meet the evolving strategic mission for Joint Integrated Environment (JIE) and Joint Regional Security Stack support both of which require 100G transport and are part of the long term vision for DISA.
  • SATCOM Capacity Planning and Analysis: Determined the best mix of communications resources for responding to user needs, driving the development of future satellite constellations, and supporting operational planning. Our “Mix of Media” study was delivered to Joint Staff, DoD CIO, and STRATCOM.
  • Wireless/RF: Developed “operator to analyst” connectivity and innovative SOCOM software/hardware solution to enable tactical “desktop” capability with radio communications.